Mission and Vision of the Department of Youth and Community Restoration (YCR)

The Department of Youth and Community Restoration (YCR) shall embrace a vision wherein the youth under its care transition successfully into adulthood, desist from criminal behavior and become thriving and engaged members of their communities.

It is the mission of YCR to help youth who have hurt people, and have been hurt themselves, return safely to the community and become responsible and successful adults. 

YCR shall employ the following strategies to support this mission:

Build and practice the values of a safe and caring community within YCR, engaging all members, including staff, youth families, volunteers and visitors in fulfilling its mission.

Develop a fully prepared and continually supported staff that is healthy, educated and trained to fulfill their unique and vital roles in service to the department’s mission.

Offer treatment to help youth heal from past experience and change the thinking, beliefs and behaviors that lead to hurting themselves and others.

Create opportunities for youth to understand and restore the harms caused by their actions.

Provide education, training and life experience for youth to imagine, aspire and build a pathway to a successful life.

Bring people with resources, relationships, expertise and personal experience into YCR to inspire and motivate youth and to build a caring community that provides opportunities and support for their reentry and honorable discharge.