Pilot Rock Conservation Camp #15


Contact Info

P.O. Box 10, Crestline, CA 92325
(909) 338-1950

CDCR Camp Staff

  • S.A. Drake, Lieutenant Camp Commander
  • S. Gallow, Sergeant Asst. Camp Commander
  • F. Maynard, Correctional Officer
  • M. Saca, Correctional Officer
  • A. Ramos, Correctional Officer
  • A. Munez , Correctional Officer
  • P. Vanderford, Correctional Officer
  • V. Vidaurri, Correctional Officer

Cal Fire Camp Staff

  • T. Jones, Division Chief
  • Vacant, Battalion Chief
  • J. Peterson, Fire Captain
  • J. Silva, Fire Captain
  • J. Ching, Fire Captain
  • T. Lemm, Fire Captain
  • O. Ali, Fire Captain
  • B. Davis, Fire Captain
  • M. Barriga, Fire Captain
  • T. Hughes, Fire Captain
  • M. Miller, Fire Captain
  • Vacant, Fire Captain
  • J. Clauser, HEM
  • S. Owens, WASPO

Facts and figures

Total Staff (CDCR) 2020: 8
Total Staffing (CAL-FIRE) 2020: 14
Total # Inmates (as of 01/02/2020): 62

Camp Products

Upholstery and Canvas items, including Fire Hose Packs and Fire Curtains

Community service projects

Pilot Rock crews have done extensive work with the Bark Beetle infestation eradication project in the communities of Running Springs, Lake Arrowhead, Crestline, Wrightwood and surrounding communities. Crews regularly work on projects with the US Forest Service, the San Bernardino County Flood Control, CAL TRANS and nearby communities. Projects include work such as weed abatement, falling dead trees, clearance of waterways and general clean-up work.

Camp History

Pilot Rock Conservation Camp CC #15, under the Administrative Supervision of Sierra Conservation Center (SCC), was constructed in 1959. The primary mission of the Camp is to provide inmate fire crews for fire suppression principally in the San Bernardino County, but crews may respond anywhere in the State. In addition to fire suppression, inmate hand crews provide a work force for conservation and community service projects. CAL FIRE in-camp projects include Upholstery/Canvas Shop, Vehicle Maintenance Shop and Cabinet/Wood Shop. Products are provided to local tax supported governmental agencies.

Inmate Programs

NA meetings, Inmate Literacy, Inmate Hobby Craft, Religious Services, Water Treatment and Waste Water testing by the California Department of Public Health Drinking Water Program Certification Unit. Education Programs to include High School Diploma and Community College Programs. Chainsaw and Tree Felling classes. Recruitment of Inmate Fire Fighters by CAL FIRE and the US Forest Service, along with private firefighting operations.