Institution Statistics Archives (SB 601)

Archives indexed by specific institution and linked by year.

Institution Archived Years
Avenal State Prison 2018
California City Correctional Facility 2018
California Correctional Center 2018
California Correctional Institution 2018
California Health Care Facility, Stockton 2018
California Institution for Men 2018
California Institution for Women 2018
California Men’s Colony 2018
California Medical Facility 2018
California Rehabilitation Center 2018
California State Prison, Corcoran 2018
California State Prison, Los Angeles County 2018
California State Prison, Sacramento 2018
California State Prison Solano 2018
Calipatria State Prison 2018
California State Prison, Centinela 2018
Central California Women’s Facility 2018
Chuckawalla Valley State Prison 2018
Correctional Training Facility 2018
Deuel Vocational Institution 2018
Folsom State Prison 2018
High Desert State Prison 2018
Ironwood State Prison 2018
Kern Valley State Prison 2018
Mule Creek State Prison 2018
North Kern State Prison 2018
Pelican Bay State Prison 2018
Pleasant Valley State Prison 2018
Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility 2018
Salinas Valley State Prison 2018
San Quentin State Prison 2018
Sierra Conservation Center 2018
Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison, Corcoran 2018
Valley State Prison 2018
Wasco State Prison 2018
SB 601 Counting Rules 2016 & 2017

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