DEI Q&A Discussion with CDCR/CCHCS

September 2022

CDCR’s GARE Steering Committee hosted an Ambassador Panel meeting with Superintendent Shannon Swain (Division of Rehabilitative Programs), Associate Director Marion Spearman (Division of Adult Institutions), and Deputy Director Jasinda Muhammad (Human Resources, CCHCS)These executives shared their thoughts on how putting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) front and center at CDCR help us best serve our employees and communities.

Question #1: What is the biggest concern with inclusion that the Department is actively working toward addressing, and how is it being addressed?

Question #2: What do you consider priority areas within your purview to address DEI issues, and help increase diversity to ensure it is seen as important to both management and staff?

Question #3: What efforts do Executive Management Team Members take (individually) to foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment? For example, are you regularly reviewing progress or furthering your own knowledge to exemplify the example you are hoping to inspire?