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Men singing, dog wears vest, man jumps in water.
Rehabilitation, public safety and community involvement are hallmarks of CDCR.

How to submit stories

To submit stories from staff, route them through your program or institution public information officer. They will forward the emails to Don Chaddock (link will open an email message) and Bill Enfield (link will open an email message).

Stories should answer basic questions such as who, what, where, when, how and why. If photos are included with the story, list the names and ranks of those pictured, from left to right and front to back. Media consent forms must be signed by those featured in the photographs.

Stories generally take 10 business days to be added to the queue and published soon after.

Previously published stories

Because of the requirements of a new state accessibility law, not all archived stories will be republished on the new Inside CDCR site but many will be added over time, once they’re reformatted.