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CDCR/CCHCS career advancement tips

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Training for job promotions and career advancement are essential.

By POSED staff

Whether you’re new to state service or a longtime employee, resources for advancing your career are just a click away.

The Peace Officer Selection and Employee Development (POSED) Career Development Workgroup is dedicated to encouraging a stronger workforce through collaboration, communication, and empowerment; providing resources and knowledge to succeed in your professional path. As a part of the department’s continued efforts, important resources and career development information are readily available.

How to move up in your career

Ways to advance your career include expanding your network and building relationships. Learning from others around you or mentoring those who seek to learn from you not only help build a better organization, but increase your chances of moving up the career ladder.

Advancing Your State Career is a handbook for employees and supervisors. Tips and advice can be found in the downloadable PDF: The handbook contains professional development tools and resources to assist in your journey as a valued state employee.

More resources are also available on the Intranet (a site only available to CDCR/CCHCS employees) located on the left-hand rail under Peace Officer Selection and Employee Development. There you’ll find information on the Upward Mobility Program, career development and much more.

The POSED Career Development Workgroup hopes you find these resources helpful and we look forward to providing assistance in our future efforts.

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