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Expanding CDCR/CCHCS employee knowledge while teleworking

By Peace Officer Selection and Employee Development staff

In these unprecedented times, with so many staff members teleworking from their homes, shifts in what were once regular duties, and constant changes to our normal routines, CDCR and California Correctional Health Care Services (CCHCS) understands that it can be challenging for our employees to adapt.

While teleworking can come with its own set of challenges, it has its pros as well. Many staff and supervisors have found that they have the opportunity to incorporate training and professional development time into their daily routines.

Peace Officer Selection and Employee Development (POSED) has identified various eLearning training opportunities tailored to fit the needs and interests of all staff.

There are numerous training courses available through the Learning Management System (LMS) and other outside training sources that hit key topics such as:

  • Teleworking
  • Analytical Skills
  • Employee Wellness
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Custody Operations

These courses are designed to support the needs of all staff in various classifications throughout CDCR/CCHCS from support staff to custody, and medical to managerial positions.

The Field Training Support Unit (FTSU) within POSED began distributing these training opportunities via email on July 8, 2020, and will continue to send monthly updates on upcoming training opportunities and resources moving forward.

If you have any questions regarding training opportunities please contact your local Training Coordinator or In-Service Training Manager.

You can also contact the FTSU Training Coordinator, Ashton Peterson (email can be found in Global).