News Releases


The execution of William Kirkpatrick, Jr., convicted of murder in Los Angeles, has been set by court order for January 26, 1996 at San Quentin State Prison.

The California Department of Corrections Communications Office in Sacramento is making arrangements for all media credentials. Contact with San Quentin is not necessary.

This advisory covers media access to prison grounds only. Seventeen (17) news media representatives will witness the execution as a pool for all media. Please, no phone calls about selections. There will be separate media advisory issued shortly on the selection process.

One hundred twenty-five (125) news media representatives will be admitted to the media center on prison grounds to attend news briefings and a news conference after the execution. To accommodate as many media firms as possible, each news media organization applying will be limited to one reporter. Firms selected to send a representative to witness the execution will be allowed a separate reporter for the media center.

In anticipation that interest will exceed space, pool arrangements will be necessaF2012ry for video/audio feeds, and still photos. The pool will be limited to two television camera operators, two still photographers, and one audio engineer.

Broadcast microwave and satellite vans and their support personnel will be permitted in a parking lot adjacent to the IST building. Space is limited to about 30 vehicles. Priority will be given to those sending “live” reports serving Bay area media and multiple stations statewide. Television vans will be allowed up to four (4) support personnel (engineer, producer, talent, and camera operator) in addition to the reporter for the media center. Radio broadcast vans will be allowed three (3) support personnel (engineer, producer, and talent) in addition to the media center reporter.

To be considered, send written notification signed by the news department manager on company letterhead with the names of the proposed representatives, their dates of birth, driver’s license numbers, social security numbers and size of vehicle (for broadcast van access) to:

CDC Communications
1515 S Street, Room 113S
P.O. Box 942883
Sacramento, CA 94283-0001

Fax or telephone requests will not be accepted. All requests must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 16. Given the time needed for security clearances and access permits for this number of people which have to be completed by January 26, requests received after January 16, including personnel substitutions, will be processed only if time permits and after the initial requests are completed. No assurances can be provided that the processing for late requests will be completed by January 26.

The building being used for the media center has 60 amp electrical service with a limited number of outlets. There are seven (7) pay telephones. The media pool will be responsible for providing a generator for electrical power and for any special telephone provisions. Media orders for private telephone hookups must be arranged with Pacific Telephone which will coordinate installation with San Quentin.