News Releases


Pelican Bay State Prison Correctional Officer Tab Kimberly Bridges was arrested last night by the Del Norte County Sheriff and charged in the assault of prison inmate Scanvinski Hymes.

Pelican Bay State Prison staff reported the assault to the Del Norte District Attorney and the Sheriff. An internal investigation is underway along with the criminal investigation of the apparently unprovoked attack on inmate Hymes.

Prison staff report that Hymes had been restrained on a gurney yesterday morning after he tried to kick officers on the transportation detail. At the time, Hymes was being processed for transportation to a court appearance in Crescent City.

Hymes earlier had been charged by the District Attorney with assaulting staff at the prison. He had been placed in the Security Housing Unit (SHU) as a result of numerous assaults on staff.

Staff reported that Officer Bridges, who was not a part of the transportation team, approached the inmate on the gurney and began striking him on the back, shoulder, and head with his baton. The inmate was examined, treated for bruises, and returned to his cell.

Inmate Hymes is a 26 year old parole violator with two prior convictions. He first came to state prison in 1988 for possession of a deadly weapon at a California Youth Authority facility. His second term was in 1994 for a felon in possession of a weapon. He has been in and out of prison on parole revocations, most recently for assault and battery and pandering.

Officer Bridges was placed on administrative time off pending the outcome of the internal investigation. He joined the department in December 1982. He transferred to Pelican Bay State Prison in November 1989.