News Releases


Accounts of all staff present during Friday’s racial disturbance between Black and Hispanic inmates at California State Prison, Sacramento has provided more precise information than was available immediately after the incident was brought under control.

The fight involved about 150 to 200 inmates in the facility B main exercise yard. The fight started about 9 am and took 31 minutes to bring under control. In the process of stopping the fight, correctional officers used batons, pepper spray, rubber blocks, and rifle shots. Twenty one rifle shots were fired by seven staff and two officers fired 8 rounds of rubber blocks from 37 millimeter launchers.

The staff accounts reflect a pattern of inmates fighting in small groups at various parts of the large exercise area. The most serious injuries were suffered by 10 inmates.

Four staff were examined by doctors at community hospitals and then re turned to work..

One inmate died from a gunshot wound to the buttocks. Victor Flores was shot as he raced toward staff, refusing all orders to lay down on the ground. Four other inmates are recovering from gunshot wounds, and six inmates are recovering from stab wounds.

Another 50 inmates were treated for exposure to pepper spray and superficial scrapes and bruises. There were an additional 11 staff members treated for superficial injuries at the prison infirmary and returned to duty immediately.

Once all inmates were returned to the cells, staff searched the exercise yard and found 56 inmate-made weapons. All of the inmates remain locked in their cells as staff interview all inmates about the fight and also search each cell for weapons and contraband.

The prison will remain on lockdown with inmates being provided meals in their cells until the Warden determines it is appropriate to resume controlled in mate movement.