News Releases


State and local law enforcement officials arrested 16 parolees and parolees-at-large during a recent two-day operation in Yuba and Sutter counties.

The missing parolees, who had violated their parole by not reporting to their parole agents and were considered serious offenders, were targets of the successful sweep that included law enforcement officials from ten agencies.

Most of the targeted parolees were career criminals who had been convicted of serious felonies including violent assaults and weapons charges. Many of them were potential second and third strikers, parolees who could be sent back to prison for lengthy sentences if convicted of another crime. Some were considered “armed and dangerous” and posed a possible threat to the officers who sought them out.

The captured parolees were taken to the Department of Corrections Deuel Vocational Institution in Tracy where they will remain until parole revocation hearings can be held. (Parolees who will be charged with new crimes were being held in local jails awaiting arraignment.)

In California, most convicted felons spend from one to three years on parole following their release from state prison. While on parole they are required to report regularly to a parole agent. If they fail to report, they are designated as parolees at large and can be returned to prison when they are caught.

During the two-day sweep, officers also arrested 10 non-parolees who will be charged with various crimes.

The Department of Corrections currently supervises more than 102,000 parolees.

Participating in the sweep were the following departments:

  • California Department of Corrections: Parole and Community Services, Special Services Unit and Fugitive Apprehension Team
  • California Attorney General’s Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement/Violence Suppression Unit
  • Yuba County Sheriff’s Department
  • Sutter County Sheriff’s Department
  • Marysville Police Department
  • Yuba City Police Department
  • Yuba County Welfare Department
  • Yuba County Child Protective Services
  • Sutter County Child Protective Services
  • Sutter County District Attorney’s Office

For further details, contact Special Agent in Charge, Diana Machen, at (916) 464-2030.