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Taxpayers Benefit From Settlement

The California Department of Corrections (CDC) and TRW settled legal issues concerning development of a comprehensive electronic inmate records and movement monitoring system. The Correctional Management Information System (CMIS) will replace two older systems which lack the capacity for CDC’s future increasing inmate population and information needs.

“This settlement protects the taxpayers’ interest,” said Tom Maddock, Undersecretary of the Youth and Adult Correctional Agency. “Corrections will receive a total of $18 million dollars within 30 days. But just as important, in future procurements, the Agency’s departments will be able to make use of the valuable work products that were developed by TRW,” he said.

In 1995, CDC entered into a $40 million contract with TRW to build the CMIS project. After the state paid $2 million for part of the project, a contract dispute arose and the project stalled. This settlement facilitates the state’s ability to enter into a new contract for the system, and covers the state’s legal fees in resolving this contract dispute.

In addition, TRW will provide another 100 hours of consulting services over the next 18 months at no charge.

“A modern management information system is still a critical goal for CDC in terms of improving efficiency, reducing costs and supporting the Department’s mission of public safety,” said Maddock.

The goals of the CMIS project are to fully automate: 1) the tracking of prison inmate movements between prison facilities, county jails, and courts; 2) the intake and classification of inmates housed by CDC; and 3) the collection and monitoring of individual inmate parole dates as mandated by various laws.