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Two correctional officers on National Guard duty pluck a man stranded on his pickup in the midst of raging floodwaters and pull him to safety…..another CDC employee runs through flames to rescue a woman trapped in a fiery inferno….and an officer risks his own life to save the life of an inmate. The Department of Corrections (CDC) will recognize these and other employee heroics at the annual Medal of Valor Ceremony, Friday, June 12 at 12 noon on the West steps of the State Capitol.

CDC will pay tribute at the ceremony to 44 of its employees for acts of heroism and outstanding service while on duty and in the community. The employees–men and women, peace officer and civilian–were selected from more than 100 nominees from facilities throughout the state.

Youth and Correctional Agency Secretary Quintin Villanueva, Jr. and CDC Director C. A. Terhune will present the heroism medals and an award for Correctional Supervisor of the Year.

During the ceremony, Sacramento television news reporters Lisa Breckenridge, KCRA-TV; Christina Mendonsa, KXTV-TV; and Diana Penna, KOVR-TV, will highlight details of the acts that earned the medals.

A brief summary of the individual awards is attached.

1998 Medal of Valor Ceremony Recipients


Correctional Officer James J. Moore, California State Prison, Sacramento and

Correctional Officer Arthur Laguna, Folsom State Prison

While on duty with the National Guard during 1997 floods, pilot Laguna and crew member Moore rescued a man stranded on top of his truck.

Michael Rose, Licensed Psychiatric Technician, California State Prison, Sacramento.

Pulled woman from burning car during major accident fog-shrouded I-5.

Marc Bautista, Account Clerk II, Central California Women’s Facility

Went into burning mobile home and pulled a man out to safety.

Correctional Sergeant Daniel E. Crichton, Mule Creek State Prison

Rescued Ione Chief of Police from burning car following traffic accident.


Carl Vincent Novak, Supervisor of Academic Instruction, High Desert State Prison

Spotted flames in house next door, alerted resident, and pulled her to safety.

Correctional Officers Marion C. Beatty and David Kowalczyk, Mule Creek State Prison

Pried open jammed car door, freed trapped driver and pulled him to safety after his car was hit head-on. Also assisted another driver injured in crash.

Correctional Officer Mark Anthony Redondo, Pleasant Valley State Prison

Rescued Fresno police officer caught in burning police car.


Correctional Officer Thomas Dennie, California Institution for Men

Spotted and captured two robbery suspects fleeing gas station after hold-up.

Correctional Officer David M. Chambers, California Medical Facility

Pulled inmate off prison counselor being attacked with a fork.

Carrie Crickette, Office Technician, California State Prison, Los Angeles County.

Held woman immobile for 45 minutes after her neck was broken in car accident.

Correctional Sergeant Todd Hinrichs, California State Prison, Sacramento

Stood over and protected inmate who other inmates were trying to assault.

Monica Pricilla Jimenez, Medical Technical Assistant, Correctional Training Facility

Assisted CTF officer whose daughter was killed in accidental shooting.

Correctional Officer Gary R. Brommerich, Folsom State Prison

Attempted to save young boy injured in car crash along with his mother.

Correctional Officer Randall Sharp, Pelican Bay State Prison

Placed himself between inmate he was escorting and two other inmates who tried to attack him.

Correctional Officer Alfanso Fitzroy Stevens, Salinas Valley State Prison

Found a man on fire in an alley, stripped him of his burning clothes, and put out fire.

William Whitney, Staff Services Manager I, Contract & Audit Management Branch

Waded into rapids and rescued two women clinging to tree branch in middle of river.

Robert Story, Parole Agent I, Parole Region I

Climbed into burning car and pulled out elderly victim.

Ryan Gigliotti and Henry Lopez, Parole Agents I, Parole Region III.

Shot and captured a parolee who had attempted to shoot at both agents.


Correctional Officer Marc E. Jarrett, Ishi Conservation Camp.

Took charge of accident scene, directed bystanders what to do, and held a woman up to breathe until emergency help arrived.

Correctional Officer Charles Trotter, California Correctional Institution

After an inmate knocked an officer unconscious, Trotter ran over and tackled the inmate and held him down until help arrived.

Correctional Sergeant John E. Boyd and Correctional Officer Austin G. Petry, California Mens Colony

Extinguished flames and pulled burning sheet from inmate attempting suicide.

Tom Petty, Medical Technical Assistant, California Rehabilitation Center
Revived child who almost drowned in swimming pool.

Correctional Officer Louis Morales, California State Prison, Corcoran.

Spotted a prison escapee trying to hitch hike, called police, and helped detain the man and return him to prison.

Michael Greene, Medical Technical Assistant, and Correctional Officer Mark Peters, Calipatria State Prison.

Pulled one person to safety and did CPR on another following traffic accident.

Correctional Sergeant Andre Ayoub, Central California Women’s Facility
Rescued an inmate who tried to hang herself.

Correctional Officer Chester Rodney Williams, North Kern State Prison

Hurt and dazed from being hit head on, he helped get the other driver out of her car and directed others to help children trapped in the car.

Correctional Lieutenant Timothy Rossetti, San Quentin State Prison

Came to the aid of a National Park police officer being assaulted by two men.

Correctional Officers Kenney D. Calhoun, Ronald T. Dunnagan, Gilberto U. Gil, Susan L. Miller, Denise Porter, Steven D. Webb and Herberto Zepeda; Gayleen Clark, Case Records Supervisor, and Correctional Sergeant Michael Quaglia, Sierra Conservation Center

Rolled over a vehicle on fire and extricated driver trapped inside.

Patricia Leatherman, Executive Secretary, Parole and Community Services Division.

Came to the aid of a woman victim of attempted carjacking.


Correctional Officer Kenneth Martin, California Medical Facility

Spends off-duty time volunteering at his church, working with incarcerated juveniles, and helping the homeless.

Correctional Officer Joseph W. Moss, Salinas Valley State Prison

Active in community helping those in need. Played major role in reducing drug smuggling into prison.


Correctional Sergeant Michael Moseley, California Medical Facility.

For 12 years, Moseley has performed his work in an exceptional manner, is an excellent supervisor, works in community with young people, and is superior CDC employee.