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California’s newest state prison was formally dedicated today during a ceremony in Corcoran attended by state and local officials and community leaders.

The Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison at Corcoran (SATF) houses the largest correctional substance abuse treatment center in the world. The therapeutic treatment units in the prison house more than 1,100 inmates. Another 5,000 inmates are in the prison’s regular housing units. More than 750 inmates have successfully completed the treatment program at SATF since it opened last year.

SATF is the state’s 33rd prison and the last to be built as part of a major prison construction program begun in the mid-1980s. The facility opened in August 1997 and houses a mix of minimum, medium, and maximum security inmates.

SATF cost $350 million to build and operates on a $72 million annual budget.

Local officials attending today’s ceremony included county supervisors from Kings County, state legislators, and officials from surrounding communities. Representatives from the two contractors that provide the substance abuse treatment, Phoenix House and Walden House, also attended the event. They noted the prison’s economic contribution to the surrounding communities including the addition of more than 1100 jobs.

“You have all been positive and supportive throughout the planning, construction and activation of this unique facility,” Terhune told the assembled guests. “We couldn’t have built SATF without the community’s support.”

The new institution is adjacent to the California State Prison, Corcoran, a maximum security facility built in 1988 with an inmate population of just fewer than 5,000.