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Staff and Inmates to be Tested for Tuberculosis at California State Prison – Solano

Sacramento – As a precaution, California State Prison-Solano (CSP-Solano) in Vacaville is preparing to test all staff and inmates for tuberculosis following the discovery of two possible cases of tuberculosis, California Department of Corrections (CDC) officials announced today.

On October 8 and 14, two inmates were transferred to an approved correctional medical isolation unit for further testing related to possible tuberculosis. They are currently undergoing tests and have not been confirmed as contagious.

“These two cases have not been confirmed at this time,” said Steven Cambra, CDC Chief Deputy Director of Field Operations. “However, because the prison has two possible cases, we are redirecting medical resources and restricting all inmate movement so that the testing can be completed quickly.”

Beginning the week of October 18, all staff and inmates will be tested for exposure to tuberculosis which may take up to 10 days. To facilitate the testing, CSP-Solano is:

  • Suspending routine programs during the test period,
  • Suspending visiting immediately until further notice,
  • Notifying all inmates about the tuberculosis testing process on the institution television education channel,
  • Performing contact investigations to identify staff and inmates who may have had close contact with the two suspected inmates,
  • Not receiving any new inmates, and
  • Not transferring any inmates.

“I want to emphasize that there are no confirmed cases of tuberculosis at CSP-Solano,” Cambra said. “However, we do not want to wait for a confirmed diagnosis before responding. We are taking proactive precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of staff, inmates and the community.”

Cambra said that CDC is committed to preventing and controlling tuberculosis infection. All 45,726 CDC employees and 162,040 inmates are tested annually for tuberculosis.

After the first suspected inmate was discovered on October 8, 286 inmates were tested for tuberculosis exposure. All the tests were negative. No confirmed cases were discovered from the contact investigation either.

Visiting operations may continue to be impacted next week. The CSP-Solano visitor information telephone number is 1-800-374-VISIT.

CSP-Solano is a medium security prison located near Vacaville. The prison opened in August of 1984, currently houses approximately 5,800 inmates and employs about 1,400 people.