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Independent Review Panel Report on Correctional Officer Homicide Available

Sacramento – The independent panel of national and state correctional experts, established at the request of Youth and Adult Correctional Agency Secretary Roderick Q. Hickman, has conducted an operational and incident review of the Jan. 10 homicide of California Institution for Men Correctional Officer Manuel A. Gonzalez, Jr. The panel’s report is available on the Board of Corrections’ website at

On Jan. 13, Secretary Hickman asked the Board of Corrections to empanel a group of experts to review, analyze and comment on the incident and attendant operational issues in order to provide the leadership of the Agency and the California Department of Corrections with objective, needed insight into the incident and the events leading up to it, to ensure that those circumstances can be averted in the future.

Secretary Hickman asked that the following individuals be appointed to the panel: Glenn Goord, Commissioner of the New York State Department of Correctional Services; William B. Kolender, Sheriff of San Diego County; John L. Scott, Commander of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department; Joe McGrath, Deputy Secretary of Internal Affairs (A), YACA; and Brian Parry, National Major Gang Task Force.