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High Risk Sex Offender Tracking Updates

At present, 417 High Risk Sex Offenders (HRSO) are being tracked statewide.

Since June 2005, approximately 95 HRSO GPS parolees have been taken into custody for parole violation charges. Of these, approximately 45 were charged with parole violations specifically having to do witha special condition of parole related to their sexual offense.

The following are examples of some of the charges: being present in a location where children congregate, indecent exposure, violation of a home curfew, possession of children toys, contact with a minor, association with a sex offender, developing a relationship with an adult female who had children, sexual assault of a child, possession of pornographic material, and stalking.

In some of the cases involving parole violation charges pertaining to curfew violations or being present in unauthorized areas (amusement park, locations where children congregate), GPS technology assisted parole agents in detecting the parole violation


In June 2005, the new California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO), implemented a statewide 500 unit Global Positioning System (GPS) Pilot Program to monitor and track the movement of High Risk Sex Offender (HRSO) parolees as a public safety parole supervision tool.

Since the inception of the GPS Pilot Program, GPS technology has assisted parole agents and local law enforcement in the detection, investigation, and apprehension of several offenders involved in committing crimes involving stalking and crimes against children. This program has prevented additional crime and prevented new victims.

Program Information

  • The current vendor in the Satellite Tracking of People
  • The cost is $8.75 per active unit per day

Enabling Legislation and Budget Language

Penal Code section 3004

Currently, there are 417 High Risk Sex Offender (HRSO) parolees on GPS, and 17 identified gang member parolees.