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$34.2 Million Contract Tracks Financial Transactions for Over 60,000 CDCR Employees at Over 41 Institutions and Field Offices

SACRAMENTO – The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) has awarded a $34.2 million contract to International Business Machines (IBM) to supply a comprehensive computer system and software designed to increase efficiency and save taxpayer dollars. The software, known as mySAP, will give CDCR the ability to track in one central location every detail of every financial transaction in a far flung network of more than 60,000 employees spread between 41 adult prisons and juvenile institutions and hundreds of parole field offices.

“This is the largest project of its type in California state government, and will allow CDCR to utilize 21st Century technology to track finances and improve our operations,” said Steve Kessler, CDCR Undersecretary for Program Support. “CDCR is entrusted with nearly $10 billion a year of taxpayer funds and this system will improve our ability to make prudent and efficient spending decisions and will keep us accountable for how those funds are managed.”

The mySAP software is designed to improve efficiency and reduce spending for everything from bulk purchases of supplies to overtime for staff. IBM will provide staff support for three years to help CDCR fully implement the system, which was initiated on July 1 and will be fully operational in July, 2008.

The scope of the tracking system is broad and provides information in real time, eliminating delays in reporting that can result in excessive and inefficient spending. The computerized system will, for example, provide immediate information on spending compared to an authorized budget, eliminating a 45 day lag in reporting.

It will track many other typical financial transactions such as coordinating and consolidating purchases to take advantage of volume savings and coordinating contracting to avoid unnecessary duplication.

The system also will track facility operations to avoid unnecessary expense. It will, for example, track each institution’s need to transport inmates to court appearances and medical appointments so that staff assigned to that duty can be better planned or coordinated among more than one institution, potentially reducing overtime in a system that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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