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CIM Inmates Contribute to Chino Charity that helps crime victims

$6,000 donated from wages earned in prison industries will help less fortunate
Chino…..Inmates from the California Institution for Men contributed $6,000 to Chino Neighborhood House, an organization that provides help for crime victims, during a presentation to the Chino City Council last evening.

The contribution, which was presented by CIM Warden Mike Poulos and Joe Armor, manager of Joint Venture Program for the Prison Industry Authority, represented 20 percent of the wages earned by nine inmates who work for Earthwise Recycling, which converts stale bread and other bakery goods into cattle feed.

“Providing jobs for inmates gives them skills that will help them succeed when they are released from prison,” said Charles Pattillo, general manager of the Prison Industry Authority, a self-supporting, state government organization that operates many manufacturing facilities within the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. “In addition, recognizing the harm they have done to victims by the crimes they committed and atoning for them is a big step in the rehabilitation of inmates.”

“When I became the Warden of the California Institution for Men, I made a commitment that CIM would partner with the local community and help serve the needs of local residents. The Chino prison has a long history in this community and is fortunate to be a part of many wonderful originations serving the residents who live here. Through cooperation with CIM, the Prison Industry Authority and the Joint Venture Program, we are able to give back to local organizations that struggle to serve citizens.

It was through the partnership with the local city officials and community leaders that I became aware of the services provided by the Chino Neighborhood House; a local organization that champions the cause of serving those less fortunate and in their time of need, including those who are victims of crimes, by filling a need for food, clothing, and vouchers. It is my honor and privilege on behalf of all of the employees and inmates at CIM to support the great work being done at the Chino Neighborhood House.”

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