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CDCR Small Business and Disabled Veterans Contracting Achievements Earn Two Statewide Awards

Agency Accepts Governor Schwarzenegger’s Challenge; Contracts for $6.8 Billion with Small Business and $115 Million with Disabled Veterans

SACRAMENTO – The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) was recently recognized for significantly increasing contracts with small businesses and disabled veterans pursuant to an Executive Order from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The agency was recognized for achievements over the last six years that have netted more than $6.8 billion in contracts with small businesses and $115 million to disabled veterans. CDCR received two awards during the annual State Agency Recognition Awards Ceremony held on October 25th by the Department of General Services (DGS).

“The recent awards and the recognition of CDCR’s small business efforts reflects this Department’s commitment to working with small businesses to best meet our public safety mission,” said CDCR Undersecretary for Support Stephen W. Kessler. “This department is fortunate to have dedicated professional staff who are committed to reaching out and working with our small business community statewide to ensure that critical services and products are procured in an efficient manner at the least cost to taxpayers. I want to congratulate our staff for their outstanding accomplishments.”

CDCR received the Silver Award for “Most Notable Improvement for Small Business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Contracting in Fiscal Year 2006/2007.” The agency was also honored with the “Secretary’s Special Achievement Award,” presented by Secretary Rosario Marin of the State and Consumer Services Agency, for exemplary and sustained achievements in small business and disabled veteran business enterprise contracting during the last six years. CDCR was the only state department to be honored with the Secretary’s award for 2007. These achievements substantially impacted California’s small business participation goals.

CDCR has seen its efforts in this area develop into a formidable small business and disabled veterans business enterprise program. During the past six years, CDCR averaged over 38.5 percent small business participation in contracting, consistently surpassing the 25 percent goal set by DGS and referenced in Governor Schwarzenegger’s Executive Order S-02-06. During this time period, CDCR awarded over $6.8 billion to small businesses throughout the state, and more than $115 million to disabled veteran business enterprises.

CDCR’s continual efforts to achieve business development participation goals laid out by the administration culminated in Fiscal Year 2006/07, when CDCR achieved 38.26 percent small business participation by awarding more than $1.5 billion, and 3.19 percent disabled veteran business enterprise participation by awarding $41.5 million.

CDCR is a very unique department since it has 49 locations capable of contracting on their own. These locations are not merely branch offices, most are adult institutions and juvenile facilities. Many of these locations contract out for more than $15 million per year. In Fiscal Year 2006/07, four of CDCR’s reporting locations had more than 50 percent small business participation and four locations reported more than 11 percent disabled veterans business enterprise participation, contributing over $29 million and $16 million respectively.

Keeping the 49 locations informed and educated on CDCR’s business development goals and programs is a tremendous task. To implement the program the agency has 42 small business advocates, one advocate for each of the 34 adult institutions and seven juvenile facilities. CDCR also has a small business and disabled veteran business enterprise Liaison/Advocate at Headquarters who is responsible for coordinating the activities and flow of information within the advocate network, and expanding and improving participation in the program.

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