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CDCR Employee Named in Statewide Green Energy Award Efforts Reflects Lifetime Passion for Energy Efficiency

A longtime CDCR employee with a passion for energy conservation was recently honored when the unit he created to monitor the correctional agency’s use of energy was awarded the “Energy Innovations Award” at its innaugural Green California Leadership Awards.

Specifically, CDCR’s Energy Management Program won the Energy Innovation Category for developing a comprehensive energy conservation approach for California’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s more than 41 million square feet of prisons and juvenile facilities.

The conservation efforts have included the replacement of high-pressure sodium lamps at facilities with more efficient fluorescent lamps, the installation of a solar farm, development of cogeneration facilities, the creation of partnerships with local and public utility providers, and the ongoing peak load reduction plan that ramps down energy consumption at institutions during peak energy consumption periods.. This effort has dramatically reduced energy demand across CDCR’s vast network of facilities and has saved the millions of dollars.

During the ceremony, Harry Franey, Chief of the Energy Management Section, and an 18-year CDCR employee who has been focused on energy conservation issues since his arrival at CDCR in 1989, was singled out for his near two decades of effort.

“While this department has sought to retool the organization to focus on bringing back more rehabilitative resources for the last couple of years, Mr. Franey has single-handedly focused on finding ways for this department to become more energy efficient, and has gathered the necessary sponsorship within our facilities management division to achieve those goals,” said Secretary James E. Tilton. “This passionate pursuit serves as an inspiration to me as I marshal this department’s resources to incorporate rehabilitation.”

“Harry really knows his stuff, and is more than willing to make his case for an environmentally friendly way of tackling tasks that come his way,” said Deborah Hysen, Chief Deputy Secretary, Facilities, Planning and Construction. “His passion and interests in saving energy and being environmentally sensitive is a real benefit to the facilities management branch. I consider his advice and efforts as a real asset to this division, and this department. This award was well-deserved.”

Hysen said that Franey is an expert in his field, and is relied upon and respected by the Department for his expertise in energy related matters. Franey came to the Department in August 1989 as an Energy Resources Specialist I. In May 1991 he became an Energy Resources Specialist II and began to create a section of the department that would later become known as the Energy Management Section. Until that time, Franey was the only professional at CDCR who dealt with, or considered the impact of energy management. His present assignment is Departmental Construction and Maintenance Supervisor, as the Chief, Energy Management Section.

Upon receiving the award at the October 2007 ceremony Franey said the award motivates him to try harder.

“It provides a nice boost to want to do more and do better,” Franey said. “It encourages us to take stock of the program and even reflect a little bit. Just as every journey begins with a first step, energy efficiency and cleaner air begin with replacing a single light bulb.”

CDCR is counting on Harry and his staff to do more in the coming years in the area of green design. In August of this year, the CDCR joined the Climate Action Registry Team and it will be up to Harry to measure, report and improve CDCR’s carbon footprint through continued energy conservation efforts and reduced carbon emissions through cleaner operations. Hysen believes that Harry is the right man for the job.