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CDCR Announces Change in Statewide Lockdown Following Attack on Officers at California Correctional Institution

Tehachapi – California state prisons, community correctional facilities and conservation camps will come off of lockdown today as California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) investigators continue their probe of yesterday’s attack on custody staff at California Correctional Institution (CCI) in Tehachapi.

CCI will remain on lockdown and visiting is cancelled there this weekend.

Inmates in all adult male institutions identified as Sureños, or Southern Hispanics, will remain on lockdown at least through the weekend as CDCR administrators, investigators, and gang investigators continue to conduct searches and interviews, gather intelligence and analyze information.

Community correctional facilities, conservation camps and female institutions will return to normal operations.

Two correctional sergeants and one correctional officer were hospitalized and treated for lacerations, stab and puncture wounds they sustained when two inmates attacked them with stabbing weapons on April 3. One sergeant, 34, a six-year veteran of the CDCR, and one officer, 41, a 12-year veteran, were released last night.

One sergeant, 40, a 12-year veteran, was placed in the intensive care unit last night for treatment of a skull fracture. He is reportedly in good condition today.

A fourth officer, 45, who is an 11-year veteran of the department, was hospitalized yesterday for injuries she sustained to her knee when she responded to the incident. She was treated and released last night.

CDCR Secretary James Tilton and Undersecretary David Runnels visited the sergeant who is still hospitalized and his family. They are at CCI today as the Investigative Services Unit continues its investigation into the incident.
“My sympathy goes out to the injured officers and their families and I am hopeful for their speedy recovery,” Secretary Tilton said. “I have the utmost praise for the professionalism and bravery of the CCI custody staff who valiantly responded to this incident.”

The two suspects were treated at area hospitals for injuries they sustained from the use of force to stop their attack on staff. They were released from the hospital and transferred to the Administrative Segregation Unit at Corcoran State Prison in Kings County.

CCI houses minimum-, medium- and maximum-security male inmates. When it originally opened in 1933, it was the state’s first female institution, housing women inmates who had been housed at San Quentin State Prison. An earthquake in 1952 closed the facility. It reopened in 1954 as a male institution. The prison has vocational and academic education programs, work and training programs, substance abuse treatment, religious and other rehabilitative programs. It also has a Security Housing Unit. CCI houses 4,705 inmates and employs 2,001 people.

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