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CDCR Releases Progress Report on Comprehensive Corrections Overhaul as One Year Anniversary of AB 900 Approaches

Report Shows CDCR Meeting or Exceeding Proposed Benchmarks

SACRAMENTO – Today, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) released its report on achievements made by the Department to meet requirements of the historic AB 900 legislation signed into law nearly a year ago by Governor Schwarzenegger on May 3, 2007.

The focus of the legislation was to improve public safety by reducing the rates at which inmates re-victimize communities and return to prison. Long-term and short-term solutions were spelled out by the legislation and the CDCR is pleased to announce it is on-track in meeting the aggressive benchmarks for construction, rehabilitation, and oversight.

“It is our goal to ensure continued progress in the coming years, and that we meet and exceed expectation for transforming California’s corrections system,” said CDCR Secretary, James E. Tilton. “We have come very far this past year, and I am confident that if we can maintain this coalition of support for comprehensive criminal justice reform, we will continue to achieve results that will improve public safety well into the future.

The CDCR report just published shows clearly that it is on an accelerated track to complete the state’s ambitious reform proposal. The publication illustrates the significant progress underway toward a new model for the state of California that focuses on effective rehabilitation while actively engaging local communities and law enforcement as partners in the criminal justice system. Items covered in the report include:

  • Progress toward construction of new beds at prisons to significantly reduce overcrowding;
  • Movement underway toward a significant expansion of rehabilitation services;
  • Expansion of in-prison rehabilitation space for programs, including substance abuse treatment beds;
  • Progress on citing Secure Community Reentry Facilities;
  • Progress on inmate assessment instrument at reception centers;
  • Inmate treatment and prison-to-employment plan;
  • Expansion of crisis care services for parolees;
  • Progress on the California Rehabilitation Oversight Board;
  • Filling of key managerial positions at CDCR;
  • Increases to full-time participation in inmate and vocational education programs;
  • Improvements to parole procedures; and,
  • Additional developments toward meeting benchmarks laid out in AB 900.

View the report online by visiting: AB 900 Prison Reforms: Achieving Results

**Members of Press ** – To request a hard copy of the report, please email: or call the CDCR Office of Public and Employee Communications at (916) 445-4950. Please be sure to provide your mail address.