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Preliminary County Jail Funding Rankings Released, Contingent on Reentry Siting and Final Approval

CSA Board Sets Process for Validating Reentry Proposals Before $750 Million in AB 900 Jail Bond Funds Awarded

SACRAMENTO -SACRAMENTO – The Corrections Standards Authority (CSA) Board met today to discuss county rankings in the competitive application process for $750 million in jail bond funds authorized by AB 900, the Public Safety and Offender Rehabilitation Act of 2007. The Board unanimously approved the preliminary rankings of county proposals made by a CSA executive steering committee, which will be validated over the next 90 days. The Board also unanimously approved a board motion to clarify that only those counties that have received formal approval from their Boards of Supervisors, and local City Councils, and have signed siting agreements with the state for Secure Community Reentry Facilities, will be eligible to receive jail bond funds in Phase I of the award process.

If the preliminary recommendations on awards are ultimately adopted, these funds will be used to build 8,286 beds in 12 county jails. The siting agreements will also result in inmates from at least 12 counties being able to transition back home through a reentry facility in or near to their county of last legal residence.

“The competitive process in place for awarding scarce resources for jail construction rewards counties that have stepped up to help enact real corrections reform and improve public safety,” said James Tilton, CSA Board Chair and Secretary of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). “The Board’s actions today bring California one step closer toward building Secure Community Reentry Facilities and relieving jail and prison overcrowding across the state, furthering of the goals of AB 900.“

In total, 24 counties applied for $750 million in AB 900 jail bond funds appropriated for Phase I of the reentry process. Of those counties, 19 took steps toward siting Secure Community Reentry Facilities.

The preliminary rankings approved by the CSA Board today would award $650 million in funds to build 7,720 beds in eight large and medium counties, and $100 million for 566 beds in four small counties, based on the proposals that they submitted for review.

However, the awards are conditional since the sites for reentry facilities identified in these proposals will need to be validated by CDCR’s Division of Facilities Planning, Construction and Management over the next 90 days to ensure that they are viable. If these sites are not validated or found to be viable within 90 days, the points that were the basis for the conditional award could be rescinded, and the county could lose their ranking for Phase I funds. Counties applying for jail bond funds will also have to sign siting agreements with the state on reentry before their proposal will be formally approved and funds awarded.

The CSA Board will be updated on the status of these preliminary conditional awards at their September 18, 2008 meeting. At this meeting the Board will vote to make grant awards final.

There is an additional $450 million in funding for jail bonds authorized under AB 900 that will be eligible for distribution in Phase II once all Phase I benchmarks have been met or exceeded. For more information on AB 900 benchmarks and implementation visit: