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Statement from CDCR Secretary Matthew Cate on Lack of Public Safety Trailer Bill in Budget Package

SACRAMENTO– Matthew Cate, Secretary of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), issued the following statement today on the budget package passed by the Legislature, which did not contain a public safety trailer bill containing needed clean-up language to AB 900:

“I am deeply disappointed that the Legislature chose not to pass the public safety trailer bill as part of their budget proposal. There will be very negative and long-lasting public safety repercussions if this bill is not passed. For 16 months the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has worked with public safety and local stakeholders from across the state to implement the landmark corrections reforms contained in AB 900, which was passed on a bi-partisan basis. This clean up language would have provided funds to reduce overcrowding, and build much needed rehabilitation space in our prisons. It also would fund inmate reentry facilities designed to reduce recidivism. Finally, it would have provided local communities with funding to build much needed jail expansion projects. Without this trailer bill the state will be unable to pay for county jail, reentry, or infill bed construction projects, and will face a major setback in our strategy to reduce overcrowding. Local governments also lost important mentally ill offender crime reduction grants designed to provide treatment services for offenders. This administration will continue to work with the Legislature and local law enforcement to ensure that the initiatives authorized by AB 900 are funded, and that the prison reform movement continues.”

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