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Juvenile Offenders Raise Money for Cancer Awareness

N.A. Chaderjian Youth Correctional Facility hosts Run/Walk for the American Cancer Society

STOCKTON – Today, wards and staff of N.A. Chaderjian Youth Correctional Facilty (NAC) supported those who have cancer and raised money and awareness for those community members affected by this disease. The facility accomplished this by hosting the Cancer Awareness Run/Walk on the NAC Facility Track.

Three wards all of whom have lost loved ones to cancer assisted staff for the first “Cancer Awareness Day.” The idea for the event originated from a ward whose father died of brain cancer. He talked to his counselor and said he wanted to “give back” because he knows what an emotional toll it took on his family.

“This is another opportunity for these youth to reach out to the community and give back,” said NAC Superintendent Michael Minor. “This is vital in their rehabilitation process, sharing their stories about the impact cancer has played in their lives or lives of loved ones shows a great deal of compassion. This compassion is evident by the number of youth participating in this activity.”

82 wards participated and they presented a check for a $1,000 to The American Cancer Society.

All participants took part in a run/walk which lasted for one hour and approximately 6 miles. Wards raised funds for Cancer Awareness by gaining sponsors primarily from staff. A minimum of $1.00 per ward was paid in order to participate in the run/walk. A raffle was also conducted to raise more funds.

Several other activities of the day included:

  • A large group presentation that was given to each living unit by these three individuals in which they shared personal stories;
  • A video, provided from the American Cancer Society to the wards of the juvenile facility;
  • Youth expressed their feelings regarding Cancer Awareness through a writing competition;
  • Prizes were handed out to the best essay, song, rap or poem;
  • Wards and staff displayed a pin wheel in honor of a loved one they have lost to cancer which, will be displayed in front of the school area at a later date.
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