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CDCR Uses GPS to Exclude Child Sex Offender Parolees from Attending California State Fair

SACRAMENTO – The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), Division of Adult Parole Operations is using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to monitor sex offender parolees who visit the California State Fair at Cal Expo.

“When it comes to the supervision of sex offenders we cannot and will not compromise public safety,” said Dan Stone, Regional Administrator for the Division of Adult Parole Operations. “With hundreds of families planning to attend along with their children, we plan to put GPS monitoring capability to good use, which further promotes a safe environment,” added Stone.

Termed “Operation Eagle Eye”, Parole Agents have established an exclusion zone around the perimeter of Cal Expo for the duration of the State Fair. “The purpose of this operation is to enhance public safety by ensuring GPS parolee compliance with the terms and conditions of parole utilizing state of the art technology that we now have as part of our supervision capabilities” said Marvin Speed, District Parole Administrator.

California is the nation’s leader in using GPS technology to track sex offenders. Today, of California’s approximate 92,000 sex offenders, 6,800 are parolees on active supervision. Every sex offender on active parole has GPS monitoring as part of their supervision requirements. Prior to the use of GPS, parole agents used the old way of verifying compliance, driving the streets and talking to acquaintances of the parolee.

“This operation would not be possible without the assistance and cooperation of the Cal Expo Police Department,” said Stone. “Parole Agents from Sacramento and surrounding counties have worked with the Cal Expo authorities during the State Fair for years but this is the first time utilizing the benefits of GPS technology.”

Any sex offender parolee who enters the Cal Expo zone will set off an alert notifying Agents of their whereabouts. Once a notification is received, on-site agents will track the offender’s movement and investigate if any law, parole violation or any public safety issue exists and take appropriate action.

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