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CDCR Adult Parole’s “Operation Eagle Eye” Identifies Parolees, Sex Offenders at State, Local Fairs to Ensure Compliance

SACRAMENTO – After wrapping up its first successful “Operation Eagle Eye” at the California State Fair and at the Gold Country Fair, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s Division of Adult Parole Operations will next focus on identifying sex offenders and parolees at the Tehama County Fair.

The fair runs Sept. 24-27. Operation Eagle Eye was designed to enhance public safety at such large attractions by using existing GPS technology to ensure sex offender parolees were complying with the terms and conditions of their parole. Parole agents from the Sierra GPS Unit monitored the Gold Country Fair in Auburn and Redding GPS agents will monitor the Tehama County Fair.

“We are the nation’s leader in using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to track sex offenders,” said Robert Ambroselli, Director (A), Division of Adult Parole Operations. “Using GPS in this manner is one of the many ways the Parole Division can enhance public safety.”

Every sex offender on active parole has GPS monitoring as part of their supervision requirements. Any sex offender parolee who entered the fair zone set off an alarm notifying parole agents of their whereabouts. Once a notification was received, on-site CDCR parole agents tracked an offender’s movement and investigated if any law, parole violation or any public safety issue existed. During the various runs of the fairs, CDCR parole agents received numerous zone alerts, which culminated in parolee arrests for violations of special conditions of parole.

“When it comes to the supervision of sex offenders, we cannot and will not compromise public safety,” said Marvin Speed, District Parole Administrator. “Operation Eagle Eye was so beneficial to enhancing public safety that we will replicate the operation at other venues.”