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Corrections Standards Authority Funds Proud Parenting Program

$835,000 in grants awarded to 10 projects to improve parenting skills

SACRAMENTO– The Corrections Standards Authority (CSA) of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation today announced the release of $835,000 in 10 Proud Parenting Program grant awards to nine community-based organizations and one county probation department to help break the cycle of intergenerational delinquency by strengthening parenting knowledge and skills.

“By focusing on responsible parenthood and stronger relationships between parents and their children, we can break cycle of violence from one generation to another that is threatening the safety of our communities,” said Kurt Wilson, Executive Director of CSA. “These grants help young parents understand the positive impact they can have on their children and provide them with the skills necessary to raise healthy, well-adjusted children.”

Grant funds of approximately $83,500 for each organization were awarded for one year to serve parents between the ages of 14 and 25. Funding may continue for up to three subsequent years depending on grantee performance and the annual state appropriation process.

The Proud Parenting Program builds upon the fundamental components of the original Young Men as Fathers (YMAF) Program, including classroom instruction on parenting skills, structured family activities that reinforce lessons learned in the classroom and provides them with positive role models as mentors.

CSA’s Corrections Planning and Programs (CPP) Division develops, administers and evaluates programs designed to improve the effectiveness of state and local correctional systems and enhance public safety. In carrying out its responsibilities, CPP works closely with federal, state and local government agencies, as well as the private sector and nonprofit service providers, to foster collaborative approaches for addressing crime and delinquency. The CPP division provides extensive technical assistance and training to state and local agencies as well as to grantees.

The Pound Parenting Program grantees for 2009/10 are listed below:

Proud Parenting Program – 2009/10 Funding Awards
Corrections Standards Authority
1) Children’s Institute, Inc. (Los Angeles)   $83,500

2) MELA Counseling Services Center, Inc. (Los Angeles)    $83,500

3) Christian Counseling Service of the East Valley, Inc. (Redlands)   $83,500

4) Family Stress Center (Concord)   $83,500

5) Breakout Prison Outreach (San Jose)   $83,500

6) Stop the Violence and Increase the Peace Foundation (Inglewood)   $83,500

7) National Family Life and Education Center (Culver City)   $82,549

8) Madera County Probation Department (Madera)   $83,500

9) Center for Children of Incarcerated Parents (Pasadena)   $82,802

10) San Diego Youth Services, Inc. (San Diego)   $83,500

Total $833,351