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CDCR Provides GPS Monitoring of Parolees During Annual State Fair To Ensure Event is a Family-Friendly Safe Zone

Event kicks off Summer GPS compliance monitoring effort

SACRAMENTO – A GPS safe zone monitoring parolee sex offenders — Operation Eagle Eye II — will be deployed by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) at the California State Fair (July 14 – Aug. 1) for the second year.

Using GPS technology, parole agents will be alerted if any sex offender on active parole enters the state fairgrounds from July 14 through August 1.

“Our message to those strapped with GPS monitors is to stay away from events like the State Fair,” said CDCR’s Division of Adult Parole Operations Director Robert Ambroselli. “If GPS shows you are in violation of your terms, you will be arrested.”

This effort, called Operation Eagle Eye II, kicks off the department’s campaign statewide at various fairs and other large public gatherings, to ensure that parolees wearing the state-of-the-art technology don’t violate their terms of parole and pose a potential risk to public safety. Plans include GPS monitoring at more than a dozen county and city events through the fall months.

The CDCR participation is part of a multi-agency law enforcement campaign that Cal Expo officials conduct every year to ensure that probationers, parolees, and gang members are monitored and are in compliance with their terms of parole and probation.

“We truly appreciate this ongoing partnership with the Cal Expo Police Chief and our fellow law enforcement agencies who all are paying special attention at large public events like this so that families and their loved ones can enjoy a carefree day at the State Fair,” said Ambroselli.

During 2009, some 35 sex offenders on parole were arrested during compliance checks at six fairs throughout California for violating terms of their parole where GPS monitoring was conducted. Last year, five sex offenders were arrested for non-compliance after trying to enter the State Fair.

“We are working in partnership with state parole agents to help in our mission to stay focused on a safe atmosphere so families can stay late and have a good time,” said Robert L. Craft, Chief of Police, California Exposition and State Fair Police.

During fair time, Craft said he can draw from nearly 433 officers from 33 agencies in the region to help his police force patrol the grounds during the State Fair’s 19-day run. The GPS monitoring will occur in the background, with a parole agent able to respond in minutes if a GPS-wearing parolee comes on the fairgrounds.

California’s parole division utilizes GPS technology daily to track and monitor sex offenders on parole. CDCR’s use of current technology and its partnerships with local law enforcement is helping improve public safety throughout the state.

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