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CDCR Conducts 18th Annual “Operation Boo” Sex Offender Checks during Halloween Night

Parole agents from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation will be out in force Halloween night to ensure sex offenders are in compliance with the law. “Operation Boo” is conducted to ensure that sex offenders comply with the following strict limitations:

• A 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew during which parolees must remain indoors.

• All exterior lights of their homes must be turned off so that it looks as if no one is home.

• No offering of candy and absolutely no Halloween decorations are allowed.

• During the curfew, sex offender parolees can only open the door to respond to law enforcement, such as parole agents who are patrolling their caseload to ensure compliance.

“It is our mission to provide public safety and this operation ensures that families can enjoy the evening without coming into contact with any paroled sex offender in the community,” said Robert Ambroselli, Director of CDCR’s Division of Adult Parole Operations.

CDCR imposes its most stringent parole conditions on sex offenders Halloween night, but CDCR has strict conditions and limitations on these parolees year-round. Each and every one of these parolee sex offenders is also monitored by Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology to track their everyday movement.

Cassandra Hockenson

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