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Giovanni Ramirez Parole Revoked for “Access to a Weapon”

The parole revocation hearing for Giovanni Ramirez was held this morning at the Los Angeles County Men’s Central Jail.

Deputy Commissioner, Ali Zarrinnam representing the Board of Parole Hearings, amended the proposed violation from ‘possession of a firearm by a felon’ to ‘access to a weapon by a felon.’ He found good cause on the violation of access to a weapon by a felon.

Ramirez will serve 10 months and is ineligible for reduction of that time.

The revocation hearing on June 20, 2011 dealt only with the weapons charge.

A second charge of ‘assault against Brian Stow’ was dismissed in the initial hearing –without prejudice- due to the lack of the evidence presented on that charge. The dismissal was not intended to express an opinion or adjudication on a potential case against Ramirez in the Stow beating case in any way as only minimal evidence was presented to the board commissioners on that charge.

For your convenience, below are links to the summary document from the previous hearing that was held on May 27, 2011, Ramirez’s parole photo, and the CDCR ‘inmate check’ which describes his commitment history. All were released previously.


Monday, June 20, 2011
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