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Longest-Serving Volunteer for CDCR Retires After 50 Years

Prison Industry Board member Leonard Greenstone retired at a special meeting of the Prison Industry Board in the State Capitol on June 17.
Secretary Cate, who serves as the chairman of the Prison Industry Board said, “We note that Presidents Nixon and Clinton have commended Mr. Greenstone, as well as Governors Reagan, Brown, Deukmejian, Wilson, Davis, Schwarzenegger, and Brown again. All recognized that inmate lives were changed through your contributions. I want to personally thank you for the work you’ve done on this board.”
Greenstone founded the Leonard Greenstone Marine Technology Training Institute at the Chino Institution for Men in 1970, and personally donated equipment to get the program running. Today, graduates of that diving and welding program have a recidivism rate of only 3 percent.
In 1961, Greenstone started investing his time and resources in developing work programs for rehabilitating inmates as a volunteer with the Increased Correctional Effectiveness Program (ICE) at San Quentin State Prison. The programs he went on to establish are now emulated across the nation.