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CDCR Seeks Clues In Santa Clara Cold Case

Sacramento…..The Santa Clara Police Department is asking for CDCR’s help in solving a 17-year-old murder. 
Matthew Flores, then 26, was shot about 8:15 a.m. March 24, 1994, in the parking lot of Applied Materials in Santa Clara.
According to the Santa Clara Police Department, Flores had driven to work in a rented white Chevrolet Corsica.  He was shot once in the back of his head, just outside the driver’s door, and was pronounced dead at the scene.
The murder took place outside the range surveillance camera’s range, but there is fuzzy surveillance footage of an early 1990s Ford Explorer pulling into the parking lot before the shooting and leaving seconds after Flores was shot.  The two-door Ford Explorer Sport is light in color with distinctive black trim on the lower panels. 
Applied Materials is offering a $100,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the murderer.  Anyone with any information concerning this case should call any of the following contacts.  Flores, a new father, had just been discharged from the U.S. Army after serving  with honors during Operation Desert Storm.
“We’re confident that someone out there knows something, either directly or indirectly,” said Santa Clara Police Chief Kevin Kyle, “and we would very much like for them to come forward.”
Contact Information:
Santa Clara Police Department Flores tip line: (408) 615-4817
Investigator, Sgt. Steve Hoesing: (408) 615-4814
PIO, Lt. Matt Hogan (408) 615-4865