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All Inmates Have Resumed Eating Following October 13 Conclusion of Mass Hunger Strike Disturbance

SACRAMENTO – All California inmates have resumed eating meals following the conclusion of the inmate-initiated hunger strike that ended October 13, 2011, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) said today.

The hunger strike ended after inmates and their representatives agreed that the Department’s review and changes to its policies regarding housing criteria in its Security Housing Units (SHU) would take several months to finalize. The Department maintained the commitment to review the policies that it had begun in May 2011 and discussed with inmates during a 19-day hunger strike in July 2011.

This most recent hunger strike began September 26, and after three days, 4,252 inmates in eight state prisons had missed nine consecutive meals – the point at which CDCR considers an inmate to be on a hunger strike. By October 13, the number of inmates participating had dropped to 580 in three state prisons. Although most inmates, including all of those who identified themselves as leaders of the strike, resumed eating on October 13, all remaining inmates had resumed eating by Sunday, October 16.

CDCR is continuing its investigation into allegations of threats or retaliation that inmates made against other inmates for not participating in the hunger strike.


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