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CDCR Report Outlines New Strategy for Management of Gangs

For decades, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) has been managing the most violent and sophisticated prison gangs in the nation. California prison gangs are connected to major criminal activity and have had influences on nearly every prison system within the United States. CDCR’s current strategy, developed more than 25 years ago, emphasized crime prevention through suppression. Although this strategy reduced violence in prisons, it lacked prevention, deterrent and interdiction components.

Since last May, CDCR has been conducting a comprehensive assessment of its existing policies and procedures and evaluated national best practices for gang management and secured housing. This new policy, and other initiatives also under way, are made possible in part by more manageable inmate population levels offered through Realignment.

A report which outlines CDCR’s new strategy for better management of prison gangs and of those who pose the biggest threats to security can be found on CDCR’s webite within it’s new Statistics, Reports and Cited Works section.