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CDCR Responds to Video about Realignment

Sacramento – A video released Tuesday by the California Republican Party asserts that offenders, including Aaron Suggs, are being released – or are being released early – from prison because of Public Safety Realignment. In fact, Suggs was not released early from prison, nor was his release related to Public Safety Realignment.
He was released after serving his full sentence for being in possession of a controlled substance. There is also no indication that the Sacramento County Probation Department could have done anything more to stop Suggs from choosing to commit another crime.
The California Police Chiefs Association, the California State Sheriffs’ Association and the Chief Probation Officers of California have done an excellent job of implementing Public Safety Realignment. The administration continues to fully support local law enforcement and its ability to effectively protect our communities.
The reality of Realignment is that state inmates are only released upon serving their legally required time in prison. All offenders are subject to supervision upon their release, typically in their county of last legal residence.