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California Institution for Women Announces Second Graduating Class from Behavioral Program

Program shows only 3.5 percent recidivism rate among graduates since 2007
CORONA- Fourteen inmates at California Institution for Women graduated today from the Choice Theory® Connection Program, which has a 3.5 percent recidivism rate among the 114 participants who have paroled. Of the original 12 graduates at CIW in 2007, none has returned to state prison. 
The Choice Theory® Program began as a pilot program at CIW, introduced by Loyola Marymount University and the William Glasser Institute to teach female offenders about self-evaluation, tolerance, and relationships. Many of the participants said the Choice Theory® Connection Program changed their lives by teaching them about choices that they did not know were available to them in their previous environment.
The Choice Theory® Connection Program was founded by Dr. William Glasser, world-renowned psychiatrist and author and creator of Choice Theory® and Reality Therapy. The program is the first of its kind to be offered to female offenders. It consists of five phases and more than 100 hours of classroom instruction. More than 400 female inmates have completed at least one phase since its inception in November 2007.
Of the 12 original class participants in 2007 who have paroled, none has returned to prison. From 2007 and through November 2011, 114 participants have paroled and only four have returned to prison.
The graduation from CIW’s Choice Theory® Connection Program involved 14 female inmates who received certificates in Choice Theory® and Addiction Coaching. This certification recognizes the individual understands Choice Theory® and how to assist peers in making effective choices to eradicate negative behaviors and improve the course of their lives. 
The ceremony was attended by notable guests, including CIW Warden Guillermo Garcia; Choice Theory® co-founder Carleen Glasser; and Bradley Smith, Special Program Coordinator at Loyola Marymount University. 
July 27, 2012
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