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Centinela State Prison Correctional Officers Recovering from Inmate Assault

IMPERIAL – Three correctional officers are recovering from injuries they suffered from an attack by a Centinela State Prison inmate last Friday.

On October 19 just after six p.m., two officers were conducting security checks in a medium-custody housing unit and encountered two inmates suspected of being under the influence of alcohol. One of them had a contraband cell phone.

One of the inmates complied with the officers’ orders to exit the cell and submit to handcuffs, but the inmate with the contraband cell phone punched one officer and resisted efforts to surrender the contraband.

Three officers were injured and taken to area hospitals for treatment. One officer suffered a cut finger. The officer who was punched also suffered a knee injury. A third officer suffered a head injury. He was treated at a local hospital and airlifted to a San Diego medical center for additional treatment.

All three officers are home recovering.

No inmates were injured. The facility where the attack occurred is on modified program, meaning inmate access to normal programs is limited to facilitate the investigation into the incident.

OCTOBER 22, 2012    

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