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Riot at Calipatria State Prison Under Investigation

CALIPATRIA– Calipatria State Prison staff are investigating a riot that broke out at the institution on Saturday, December 8, at approximately 6:30 p.m.

The incident involved more than 115 inmates on the Facility “A” General Population Level IV (maximum custody) Yard and resulted in nine inmates being transported to area hospitals with moderate to serious injuries.  No staff was hurt during the incident that drew trained response teams from other areas of the prison to assist in the effort to stop inmates from fighting with each other.

Preliminary reports indicate one inmate wielding a stabbing type weapon approached a group of five inmates on the yard track and began stabbing them. Staff ordered the for all inmates to get down and the five inmates subdued the attacker and continued to batter him as additional inmates ran toward the group. One mini-14 round was fired as a warning shot. Correctional officers used pepper spray and foam-tipped rounds to quell the disturbance as more staff arrived to assist. Once the riot on the yard was quelled, a second riot ensued in the Facility A dining room. The fighting in the dining room and culinary area lasted approximately seven minutes.

At this time, CAL has been placed on a modified program, meaning inmate access to normal programs is limited to facilitate the investigation into the incident.

Calipatria State Prison opened in 1992 in Imperial County. Calipatria State Prison opened in 1992 in Imperial County.  Calipatria State Prison houses 3500 inmates 1700 of which are serving life and 594 are serving Life without the possibility of parole.  Calipatria has 1280 employees.


December 11, 2012
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