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Two Inmates Who Walked Away From Mule Creek State Prison Minimum Support Facility Apprehended.

IONE — Minimum-security inmates Patrick Raines and Johnny Maciel walked away from Mule Creek State Prison’s Minimum Support Facility in Amador County on April 16. Both Inmates were apprehended at about 8:20 a.m. Saturday, April 19.

They were apprehended near the intersection of Willow Creek Road and Highway 16 in Plymouth, Calif,. in the area where authorities believed the two had been hiding. A local rancher saw them sitting near the roadway and notified CDCR staff patrolling in the area. Staff quickly responded to the area, identified and apprehended both Raines and Maciel. They were wearing plaid shirts and gray sweatpants. Both were apprehended without incident.
Raines, 21, was from San Diego County and was serving a six-year sentence for carjacking. He had a parole date of March 2016 prior to the walkaway.
Maciel, 37, was from Placer County and was serving a 15-year,four-month sentence for second-degree burglary. He had a parole date of June 2016 prior to the walkaway.
Both were returned to Mule Creek State Prison and were housed within the secured perimeter of the institution. Both will face charges for the walkaway.

Of all offenders who have walked away or escaped from an adult institution, camp or community-based program since 1977, 99.1 percent have been apprehended.

April 19, 2014                                                                                                      
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