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Inmates Returned from Hospital after Disturbance at Ironwood State Prison

Six inmates are now back in Ironwood State Prison after being treated at a local hospital for injuries they sustained during a large scale disturbance on August 19, which prompted a Code 3 response from officers.  In addition, a Correctional Officer who was injured while responding to the incident was subsequently sent to Palo Verde Hospital for treatment and later released.  The officer is at home resting and scheduled to return to work soon.  

The incident began when approximately 20 inmates started fighting in front of a housing unit during the morning meal. It escalated into the dining hall where up to 180 inmates joined the riot, including throwing food trays at one another. 

To contain the incident and keep inmate injuries to a minimum, officers used a variety of non-lethal weapons, including pepper spray, blast dispersion grenades and 40mm launchers that are designed to fire rubber projectiles. Officers controlled the incident within a few minutes. 

Chief Deputy Warden Neil McDowell praised the officers for their rapid response. “Custody staff used their training and experience to quell this incident quickly, minimizing injuries and ensuring the security of the institution. All staff, including non-custody personnel, should be commended for their professionalism and prompt actions.”

All inmates on Facility “C” were placed on modified program pending investigation into the cause of the riot and identification of participants.      

Contact: Lt. Michael Smith
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