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Four Ironwood State Prison Correctional Officers Recovering from Inmate Assault

BLYTHE — Four correctional officers were treated for injuries they suffered from an attack by inmates at Ironwood State Prison (ISP).

At 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 3, a major disturbance occurred during the evening meal. Four officers were attacked by numerous inmates in the C Facility Dining Hall and in the back of the culinary area. The inmates used their hands, feet and food trays to assault staff.

The officers were outnumbered, but additional responding staff arrived and they were able to quickly subdue the attack. Four officers were treated on-site for contusions and abrasions, and then transported to a community hospital for further treatment. All four officers were treated for their injuries and later released from the hospital.

In total, 27 inmates were re-housed in the Administrative Segregation Unit pending investigation into their involvement in the incident. Inmate movement on “C” Facility program is limited pending an inquiry into this incident.

The primary mission of Ironwood State Prison (ISP) is to improve public safety through the confinement of minimum- and medium-custody male offenders, while providing them the life improvement skills needed to successfully reintegrate back into society upon parole. ISP was opened Feb. 1, 1994, covers 1,700 acres and houses about 3,000 inmates.
For more information contact Contact: Lt. Michael Smith, (760) 921-3000, ext. 5006