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Riot at California Correctional Center Under Investigation

SUSANVILLE – Approximately 100 inmates were involved in a riot at California Correctional Center (CCC) on the medium-custody Facility C yard on Tuesday, Dec. 20, which resulted in four inmate injuries.

The incident began at 2:52 p.m. with correctional staff giving multiple orders to inmates to stop fighting. When they did not immediately comply, staff deployed non-lethal rounds, chemical agents and two mini-14 rounds as warnings. The inmates continued to riot and staff deployed a third mini-14 round striking an inmate in the buttocks. Four inmates sustained injuries (three were from other inmates and one was by use-of-force), and were transported to outside hospitals for treatment. Two of those inmates have since returned to the prison and two remain at the hospital in fair condition. No staff members were injured.
The incident is being investigated by the Investigative Services Unit at the prison, along with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s Office of Internal Affairs as part of the Deadly Force Review Team. Additionally, the Office of the Inspector General was notified. Inmate movement on Facility C is being limited to facilitate the investigation.
CCC opened in 1963 and houses 2,957 inmates at the institution and 1,908 at conservation camps. There are currently 901 staff members working at the institution and 173 working at conservation camps. The primary mission of CCC is to receive, house and train minimum-custody inmates for placement into one of the 18 Northern California conservation camps. Working in collaboration with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, these camps provide fire-suppression hand crews, as well as an organized labor force for public conservation projects and other emergency response needs of the State. The secondary mission of CCC is to provide meaningful work, training, and education programs for inmates who do not meet the criteria for assignment to a conservation camp. These alternative assignments include academic and vocational trade programs, facility maintenance jobs, food service positions, and other facility support assignments.

Dec. 22, 2016

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