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Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility Investigating Inmate Attacks on Correctional Counselor, Correctional Officers

SAN DIEGO – Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility (RJD) officials are investigating three separate incidents in which three correctional officers and one correctional counselor were attacked by inmates.

At 8:15 a.m. today, during an alarm response on the Facility C yard, inmate Ronnie Moody approached a correctional counselor in an office and asked to speak with him. The counselor informed the inmate that he could not speak to him during an active alarm on the yard.

Moody entered the office and began striking the counselor in the head. The counselor used physical force to defend himself and the control booth officer fired a 40-millimeter direct impact round at the inmate. Responding staff arrived and restrained Moody, who was still resisting and striking at staff.

The counselor received head injuries, and was transported to an outside hospital for treatment. He sustained a broken nose and bruises/lacerations to his face and hands that required eight sutures. He was released from the hospital this afternoon.

Moody, 35, was treated for minor injuries at RJD. He was received by CDCR from San Francisco County on August 2015 with an 11-year, eight-month sentence for vehicle theft by a second-striker, attempted robbery, resisting arrest and attempting to remove a firearm from a peace officer in performance of duty.

While responding staff were securing the dayroom, inmates Gary Deans and Donnel Jones jumped up and struck two correctional officers in the neck, head and groin areas. The officers used physical force to stop their attacks.

Another inmate, Billy Williams, began inciting other inmates to assault staff and was placed in restraints by an officer. While being escorted out of the building, Williams head-butted the officer, who used physical force to stop his assault and force him to the ground.

The three officers involved in the latter attacks received minor injuries and elected to remain on duty.

Deans, 50, was received by CDCR in April 1994 from Los Angeles County with a 30-years-to-life sentence for first degree murder with use of a firearm.

Jones, 54, is serving 37-years-to-life for carjacking and robbery by a third-striker, and was received by CDCR in August 1990.

Williams, 53, was received by CDCR from Los Angeles County in June 2001 with a 35-years-to-life sentence for voluntary manslaughter with use of a firearm by a third-striker.

All involved inmates were rehoused in the Administrative Segregation Unit and inmate movement has been limited on Facility C and one additional yard as the incidents are investigated.


July 17, 2017

CONTACT: Lt. Jennifer Davies

(619) 661-7802