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Offender Who Walked Away from Santa Fe Springs Re-Entry Facility Apprehended

SANTA FE SPRINGS — An offender who walked away from the Custody to Community Transitional Reentry Program (CCTRP) in Santa Fe Springs today was apprehended this afternoon.

At approximately 4:25 p.m., Sandra Larios was apprehended in the Bell Gardens area without incident by California Department of Corrections Special Service Unit agents. She is being transported to California Institution for Women. Larios was found to be missing from the CCTRP at 8:06 a.m. Wednesday after staff discovered she had removed her ankle monitor. A facility-wide search for her was immediately conducted, and all local law enforcement agencies have been notified and are assisting in the search and apprehension efforts.

Larios, 36, was received by CDCR on July 5, 2016 to serve a two-year sentence for burglary. She had been participating in CCTRP since May 2017. She was scheduled to be paroled in February 2018.

CCTRP allows eligible participants to serve the remainder of their sentence in a community program in lieu of confinement in state prison. The CCTRP provides a range of rehabilitative services that assist with alcohol and drug recovery, employment, education, housing, family reunification and social support.

Since 1977, 99 percent of all offenders who have left an adult institution, camp or community-based program without permission have been apprehended.


Contact: Vicky Waters, 916-201-4165