Frequently Asked Questions

Does the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) have a Small Business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (SB/DVBE) Program?

Yes, the CDCR has an SB/DVBE Program and it is the commitment and policy of CDCR to provide SB/MB/DVBEs with the opportunity to participate in service, commodity and construction contracts to the maximum extent feasible in the performance of contracts and subcontracts. The department mission is to meet or exceed the minimum 3 percent DVBE and 25 percent SB/MB annual contracting goal. View the SB/DVBE web page for more information.

Does the CDCR have an SB/DVBE Advocate?

Yes, the CDCR Statewide SB/DVBE Advocate is available at the Office of Business Services 10000 Goethe Road, Suite C-1 Sacramento, CA 95827. Additionally, the CDCR also has SB/DVBE Advocate liaisons at each institution, facility, and programs. View the SB/DVBE web page for more information.

How do businesses obtain a listing for all CDCR Advocates?

View the SB/DVBE Advocates contact list.

Does the CDCR offer SB/DVBE preferences on competitive solicitations?

“Yes, the CDCR provides socioeconomic preferences to qualifying bids. Examples include a 5 percent or $50,000 SB Preference, a 5 percent or $50,000 non-Small Business preference, a 5 percent or $500,000 DVBE BID Incentive, 5 percent enterprise zone preference, and a 5 percent recycled tire derived product preference.

What is the maximum combined socioeconomic bid preference a bidder may receive?

The total bid preference may not exceed a combined 15 percent or $500,000.

If a business is certified by the State of California, are there additional certifications required to become a supplier for the CDCR?


How does the CDCR advertise competitive solicitations (i.e. RFP or IFB)?

Competitive solicitations for services are advertised on website.

Does the CDCR offer informal bidding opportunities directly to SB/DVBE firms by using the SB/DVBE Option?

Yes, the CDCR solicits quotes directly from two or more certified SB/MB and/or DVBE firms and awards to the lowest bidder when spending above $5,001 and less than $249,999.99 for non-information technology (IT) goods/services, and IT goods/services. The maximum dollar award for public works is $269,999.99.

What are the types of services or goods that CDCR purchases?

View list of services or goods types