The Division of Adult Parole Operations is responsible for protecting the community by enabling parole agents to play an active role in the local community’s public safety plans and supporting parolees in their effort to successfully reintegrate into the community.  The Division offers a wide range of programs and services and utilizes evidence-based tools to effect long-term behavior change for parolees to earn an opportunity to discharge. The goal is to maintain gains during their parole period that will extend to post supervision.

The Division supervises the most serious and violent offenders in the state.  The diverse population includes but is not limited to sex offenders, gang offenders, long-term offenders, mentally ill offenders, and Armstrong class members.

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The mission of the Division of Adult Parole Operations is to protect the public and assist parolees with their successful reintegration into society.  The Division’s objectives include:

  • Earning and maintaining public trust and respect while exercising power and authority judiciously.
  • Articulating a clear vision for parole as a nationally recognized leader in public safety and the successful transitioning of offenders into the community.
  • Acknowledging our role in the criminal justice system by developing partnerships within the Department, with outside agencies and the community.
  • Our belief that parolees are ultimately accountable for the quality of their lives and are capable of change; parolee and family participation in the development and implementation of parolee pre- and post-release planning, adjustment and progress are essential. 
  • A commitment to staff professional development through training, education, succession development and high standards of staff safety and competency. 
  • Understanding that organizational review and self-examination are critical to our effectiveness.

Guiding Principles

The Division of Adult Parole Operations promotes community well-being and safety as our core focus and purpose. We support successful parolee reintegration utilizing science and technology while treating each individual with dignity and respect. Applying a procedural justice framework, we advocate for parolees, victims, and their families to achieve positive sustainable change, build mutual trust, and strengthen collaborative partnerships.

We are committed to five Guiding Principles:

Serve as an Advocate

Protect and promote the rights of parolees, victims, and their families, while reducing future victimization through restorative justice principles.

Embrace Family Systems

Fully accept the family network by fostering open communication and collaboration.

Build and Strengthen Community Partnerships

Strengthen community relationships by building mutual trust, breaking down barriers, and overcoming stereotypes in order to ensure safety and protection for all.

Stay Actively Engaged and Informed

Utilize a short-term approach incorporating goal-based supervision with realistic, attainable benchmarks for success leading to long-term behavior change.

Support Employee Wellness and Embrace Staff Diversity as a Strength

Prioritize the physical and emotional health of our staff to promote their well-being and foster a culture of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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