Operation Boo 2023

The California Department of Corrections’ (CDCR) Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO) wants you to have a happy Halloween trick-or-treat experience with your kids, relatives and friends knowing that incidents of sexual abuse against children haven’t been prevalent in California in the more than two decades since Operation Boo has been enforced. CDCR’s Parole Agents will again be out in many of our communities statewide for the 30th year of Operation Boo!  Below is some important information to help ensure your kids and teens are safe from sexual molestation, not only on Halloween but always.

Title Graphic:  Have a fun and Safe Halloween!  From Boo to you!

Boo Tips

comical looking illustrated bird

The California Department of Corrections’ (CDCR) Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO) has compiled a free, online and downloadable parent empowerment guide- Boo Tips.  The guide allows parents and guardians to choose how and what they want to teach their children about this important topic. The guide has:

  • a variety of unscary ways, written by experts,  to talk to your child or teens in an age-appropriate manner about setting personal boundaries and spotting dangerous behavior in others.
  • Links to different non-profit organizations’ websites that provide support to parents and guardians who are concerned about strange or suspicious behavior,  support for victims and guidance for people who experience disturbing urges.
  • The popular link to the Californian Department of Justice Megan’s Law website where you can input an address and see where sex-offenders live in that area.  The site makes it easy to plan a trick-or-treat route that steers clear of sex-offender’s homes.