Physical Fitness (PFT) Testing

Can I reschedule my Physical Fitness Test (PFT)?

The reschedule policy allows candidates to reschedule for the Written Examination and the Physical Fitness Test by logging into their account on the Peace Officer Application and Scheduling System, provided they self-reschedule at least five (5) days before their scheduled test date. If a candidate elects to reschedule within the five (5) day period before their scheduled test date, he or she must contact their Regional Testing Center (RTC) on or before the scheduled test date to reschedule. If the candidate contacts their RTC after the scheduled test date the candidate may be eliminated and will not be eligible to reapply for six (6) months.

Reschedule exceptions include:

  • Documented emergencies (car accident, hospitalization, family death etc.)
  • Military Orders
  • Candidates that were not notified of appointment